Fresh-from-the-Tree New Poet!



The world where words can draw in your eyes, heart, and finally soul. This is where I feel beautiful, and I am fulfilled.

I’ve always felt attracted to writing in all forms since I can remember. I began writing poetry in elementary school and having it posted on the wall in the hallway. I was even entered in a few small contests.

I wrote little short stories as a child and accompanied them with child-drawn pictures. When someone asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would tell them to write. I wanted to be a writer. 

I began writing a book when I was 16 in-between the category of science-fiction and fantasy, and I have since been tweaking it. 

I developed my writing skills more in my college years at Wesleyan College. I wrote poetry, and even dabbled into playwriting, since I was so heavily involved with the theater. Two of my plays were read, and one of them I converted into a short 10 minute script so that it could be made into a short film by Adan Morell with Morell Digital.

Then, I became a teacher. I spent a lot of time devoted to getting my Masters in Teaching, substitute teaching, until I became a high-school English teacher. This past summer was the first one I spent as a school teacher. I was no longer a student! And it was a nice break.

But I found myself writing more and more over the break. Mostly poetry. 

While sending my poetry out to Literary Magazines in hope for non-profit publication, I decided to try to get my poetry published, and finally let my dream come true. Be published, be a writer. 

And that’s what I did! 

I am currently in the process of Self-Publishing a collection of my poetry from the company iUniverse. It will be called “Soul Thoughts,” and it will contain different sections of poetry, including Spiritual/Nature, Love, Fantasy, Change, Memories, and some Humor. 

I am looking for word-loving, life-seeking, poetry-hungry supporters of not only my work, but the work of all writers and creative-minded people! 

What a beautiful world I envision. 

There is more to come from me! Please follow my blog.

Thanks all!

Namaste with Love. 


~Celestial K.



My new Facebook page needs YOUR love (THANK YOU!!):




A few Published Poems:


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