Fire Drills, Threats, etc.


The Friday before Labor Day Weekend – of course crazy things are going to happen at school, right? Well, it didn’t have to. But, it did.

And it all happened during my 3rd period class – middle of the day – the craziest class. In the world.

During B lunch, my lunch, they started a food fight.

Then, when they came back from lunch, almost immediately, the fire alarm unexpectedly went off. It wasn’t a drill, but yet there wasn’t a fire. We stood out for a bit – not too very long, but much longer than a normal “drill.”

Once we were back inside the classrooms, we read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar a bit.

And then, 30 minutes later, we went into Level 3 Lockdown. Which means: Close/lock the door, cover the window in the door, turn off the lights, stop instruction, open the windows and window blinds, get the students (and yourself) out of the view of the windows, and ge the students to be silent. The last part was definitely the hardest. Level 3 threat means there is a possible armed intruder in the building, and the students weren’t concerned at all. They thought it was a drill. After about 30 minutes of that, trying to keep the craziest class in the world quiet, I’d realized it wasn’t a drill.

We came out alive, just fine. It wasn’t till the end of the day that we’d learned there’d been a bomb threat.

We’ve heard of school shootings, but I haven’t really heard of an actual school being blown up. I’m sure it’s possible, and it’s happened. I just haven’t heard of it. But these threats seem common.

Luckily, everyone was ok.

It was a crazy day, and I’m ready for the weekend. Let the blessings and relaxation of the weekend come!


Namaste with Love,

~Celestial K.



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