Soul Thoughts- PUBLISHED!



My hard work has come to sweet fruition– at least in the aspect that I can see a collection of my work together in a book! This is what I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl. I published a poetry book–I can actually say that and it be a correct statement. It is SELF-Published, yes…but it still counts. It took dedication, still.

You can view/ own my book HERE!

These are truly my Soul Thoughts…here to share with you.

Remember, my cover art is by my talented artist, my Aunt Catherine!! She lives in California and she is quite awesome.

PS: My website actually looks not too shabby now. Pop in and see it! lol

Well…I’m WELCOME to any of your lovely comments, feedback, happiness…what’s going on with YOU?? I am not around enough, I know.

I’m honestly just counting down the days till Spring Break. And…Summer Break 🙂

See? There are good things about being a teacher even in today’s society. LOL

Peace& Blessings to you all,

Namaste with Love,

~Celestial K.


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