Rain & Remedies


Some soft rain surrounded where I live today. I was grateful not to have to go outside. Today was a stay-inside-and-type day, (I transcribe court cases part time), except less got done today than planned. Lucky me, my wonderful husband did the grocery shopping today, as he usually is able to do for us, so I was still able to stay indoors.

I  was thankful for that, especially today because my head hurt most of the day! I was really feeling the dreary weather. I was wondering how wonderful it would be just to sit and lazily watch the rain, like we never get a chance to do, as busy bees, but the pain got in the way. I get migraines at times, honestly because of my scoliosis, or at least I think that. Nothing has been able to rid my headaches except the regular Advil/Tylenol. I try massage,  long baths, essential oils, sending myself healing energy, sleeping… nothing will take away that pain, except for the pills which aren’t good for your system.

Natural remedies are what I urge myself to find! I really want to find something to take away migraine pain (when it’s upon me. I don’t have constant migraines.). We have an herb store nearby called Herbal Intentions where at first I was recommended a brand called Pain, for joint/muscle/stress/brain. That doesn’t work for me. Then I was recommended Butterbur, which has Feverfew, and supports healthy blood flow to the brain.  I took two of those today, and although I think it calmed my body  more than that first Pain suggestion, the head pain didn’t truly release until after I’d taken two Advil. (And I tried just one Advil at first… then eventually added the second.)

Does anyone have any good recommendations for herbal migraine remedies? Please share with me if you do! I’m not sure if anyone who currently keeps up with my blog is into any natural medicine, but hopefully I will eventually become in contact with someone who can lead me to something that works for me. I truly wish to find an herbal remedy!

I truly like the idea of using nature for healing. I hear stories of how it works. I usually take healing walks out in nature in the warmer months (and I can’t wait for spring to come!).

Maybe some other time I’ll slow down enough to watch the rain. 🙂  ❤ I hope you get a chance to!



~Celestial K.


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