Feel the Love


Valentine’s Day is a good time to talk about love. (I know I’m a day late, but my husband and I are actually celebrating tonight because we’re both off–at the same time! Wow! lol) I don’t mean necessarily for one person, that certain someone in your life.  That’s a great place to start with the feeling of love, but whether or not you have a special sweetheart right now in your path isn’t the point.

Love can be hard to feel on a daily basis, especially if we go through unwanted motions in life. If you don’t enjoy your work, this can be an even harder experience. But it is VERY important to work to feel love in your heart and radiating outwards.

Try this simple meditation:

-Close your eyes.

-Concentrating on breathing deep breaths, slowing your breath and mind down.

-Imagine a light, soft pink light the color of rose quarts around your heart. Place it in your body and let it expand, breathing it into all of you and let it flow. If it helps for you to first think of a person or animal you love, do that. Use that love you feel and push it into a deeper feeling of expansive love.

-Feel it, the lightness, the warmth, the soft pressure around your heart chakra, the pressure of the positive, universal energy. Know that we are ALL this energy. Try to see this energy in others, expand it to them. Expand it to the world, earth, Mother Earth. Send the energy to friends, family, enemies, leaders in need. 

(This mediation can also be stronger done in nature. You can even walk as you do this exercise.)

Perhaps you don’t think your enemies deserve you sending them love. But hate will grow hate, and it will fester inside you. Sending love is the only way to counter their attack. Remember that. Let it radiate you, surround you in a bubble of protecting love. No one can harm you emotionally here. I think we all could use this  right now in our lives.

If you feel angry, worried, any negative feeling, try to bring that rose quarts light back into yourself. Spirits are nourished once this light is used, and you need that, as well as everyone else.

Try to think of everyone as being ONE, with this energy and with spirit. People do what they do or say what they say, but it is all just an act, a show for us to put on to grow and expand. It is not “real.” It should be taken with a grain of salt, and then grow with it. I know some actions are deeper than others, and then a deeper forgiveness process may be required. This can be discussed at another time.

But for now, practice feeling that light inside, truly FEEL that warm feeling of love, and expand.


❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Day of Love!


~Celestial K.


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