Penning Your Dreams


A few things I’ve noticed about my dreams: 

  1. The longer I sleep, the more I remember dreaming (and usually it’s clearer)
  2. I’ll remember my dreams more if I write them down, any details that I remember and/or talk about them. The act of writing down the dream actually helps me to see & remember dreams for the following night, so that’s also a plus!

Many times there are days that I don’t have time to write down my full dream. One method I could use is to record scraps of my dream either on paper or in the Notes in my phone, and then later record it in fuller detail. Yes, I keep a journal where I can write my thoughts, poems, as well as dreams. (Perhaps I should have three separate journals, but I just have one.)

The glimpses I’ve written down lead me to remember more details than if I’m trying to record a dream hours later and haven’t even thought about it since I woke up. My dream will fade away. But the act of writing or speaking about the dream right after definitely helps.

Why would you want to remember your dreams?!

Dreams are another world to me, many different worlds. I like to remember the nice dreams, the strange dreams. I don’t like the bad dreams, but I write those down, too, so that I keep up with the train of dreams I’m writing, because it will help me to remember my dreams for the next night. (I hope this makes sense. Has anyone else experienced this, where you remember future dreams clearer because you’ve recorded past ones?)

I also want to remember dreams because if I look at them closely, I will see patterns, clues, hints to my life and foreseeing some of future, or perhaps what I need to work on or forgive. Sometimes dreams are just fun, but others they have meaning to. Also, I like remembering dreams, because I feel like I’ve escaped from the chaotic world this physical reality has become.

I’ve been running around these past few weeks, sleeping too little to remember my dreams much, and if I did, I was too busy to record them. This morning was the first time in awhile I recorded my dreams, so I thought I would share my method and the reason behind my method, to see if anyone else could benefit from doing it, too.

I’m sure I will write more about dreams later!

Have you recorded your dreams?


~Celestial K. (My poetry book: Soul Thoughts: Poetry for Our Growing Spirits).


12 thoughts on “Penning Your Dreams

    • Sometimes I’ll even wonder if I saw something in a dream or if it was in real life… haha! Funny. But yes I try to record my dreams when I can/when I feel like it. I did this morning, but haven’t for the few days since then! On and off for me, but I always find it’s beneficial when I take the few minutes to write it out. Then I’ll actually start remembering more about the dream, too, as I write! And try to figure out the dream. Glad you record, too 😀

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    • Wow, you have dream foresight! You were blessed to see the future in your dreams. 🙂 Wonderful. Thanks for sharing about you!! I agree completely. Lately my dreams are clear when I’m in the dream, and scattered when I wake up, and I don’t write it down because it doesn’t make much sense. Practice is needed, as always!! 🙂


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