Rush, run, busy, wild world out there! I’m feeling some stress of it, as I’m sure most people relate. Sometimes I feel just everything. Sometimes I just block it out as much as I can.

I’ve become consciously aware of my stress, and often talk myself through it sometimes. I try to slow myself down at work,or at least slow my thoughts down.

Thoughts:  my thoughts are zigging and zagging in all different directions throughout my day more often than not. Perhaps it’s partly because I’m a woman. And perhaps it’s partly because I’m a Gemini (June 9th is my birthday!). I say this because SOME astrological signs are said to have a less-crazy or scattered mind structure. Also, I mention my being a woman, which doesn’t necessarily mean that men don’t have quick, jumpy thoughts, but from what I have noticed from knowing men and reading Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, is that men at least have a tendency to take ideas, situations, and thoughts one at a time. My brain doesn’t do that.

I’ve been mediating since I was young. But I’ve discovered what kind of meditation works best for me, and I desire it more.

If I lay down and close my eyes and calm my mind… I will fall ASLEEP!!! Hehe. While some people are great at that kind of meditation… good for you!

If I sit in a comfy chair and close my eyes and calm my mind… my thoughts usually drift to other topics. I have to keep bringing it my mind back and it’s just harder for me to focus.

I do practice yoga, however… I find that more of a stretching/muscle strengthening benefit now in my life. I’ve been doing yoga for years, and still don’t consider myself to be strong or a pro. I wish more than anything I were as good as those Instagram-Divas and was able to get certified to teach it, and it’s actually a goal of mine for future! But… I don’t find it meditative YET in my practice. One day, I hope it can become that.

Now in my life, I do best by meditating while WALKING, actually, and achieve my optimal performance in the lush nature that the Creator designed.

It was 66 degrees F out this evening in GA to allow a very nice walk. I even wore shorts! And a hoodie! Fun combination I can’t often mesh. (I wish I could wear the like to work.)

Throughout the winter in GA, we’ve had some pretty, delectably warm days that I have thoroughly enjoyed! Lucky us! I prefer it hot, whether it makes me odd or not. And some have an affinity for the cold better, and that’s fine. But it’s hard for me to get my meditative walks in with chilly weather (or wet weather). I bundle up and still walk outside if I feel like it; other times I walk in the house.

The walk I do is a combination of meditating and exercising, because I know I need both, and there’s never enough time in the day or night for a long stretch of it. I try to do an hour. The physicality of walking and keeping my heart rate up keeps the pace with my mind. It makes it easier for me to focus on one thing at a time with my mind, such as calming myself, doing my positive self-affirmations, sending myself, others, or situations healing energy, etc. I can do all of it while I walk!

Another method of meditating for me is in a hot bath where I have my crystals and candle nearby. My mind still wanders during meditation, but I try my hardest to bring it back and accomplish my meditation goals, whether it’s to relax, to concentrate on healing my body or situations, and/or projecting what I want into the future. I can do it all as I concentrate on it.

Both of these meditative settings help me de-stress, enjoy nature, and concentrate my mind on my goals. I’m sure as spring and summer approaches and the sun starts soaking in my skin cells, I’ll be gushing in my blog about how nature helps and heals me, how it’s a part of my heart, and how connected I feel to it! But I don’t want you to get bored reading, so I’ll save that for later posts.

Do you have special forms of meditation that you like? Is it easy for you to concentrate your mind? Any tips or insight you’d like to share?




~Celestial K.



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