Dance ~ a poem

The Creator made all
this universe inhale life
and sat back to watch it play.
Now who pulls at the painful
strings to tug the Earth
to this unwanted dance?
~Celestial K.
earth dancingThis little poem says a lot.
I think of how this planet is so beautiful and has potential for such joy. But the way our lives are run have great flaws, and so everything can’t be the best it can be.
I am not deep into politics, and I don’t have ideas of how to fix government. I would, however, vouch for finding out who all, with war-ful hearts, are causing the injustice, un-peace,  dissatisfaction, and unfairness in our world, and then replace them with people who care about:
1) The planet Earth and keeping her healthy and happy and
2) The people and animals who inhabit the planet, and making sure we are also healthy and happy.
Different countries (and states) also run in different manners. But one that perhaps can relate is money. Through my involvement in New Age, I’ve listened to speakers and writers w ho have done the research and are convinced there is enough money in this whole world for everyone to have some and no one to go hungry. BUT the people with the power want the money, and don’t want to give it away. Do your own research and think what you will, but this is what I believe.
Despite all of that, I still think that most people are over-worked and underpaid. I say this through my personal experience and what I observe. We spend most of our lives working, and we absolutely must work to pay bills (unless you inherit money or are married to someone with money or something of that nature). And we work so much, often we forget that the most PRECIOUS thing we have on this planet is TIME with people we love! 
In my life, although  I completely love my careers now and the work that I do, I’m finding I’m not spending time at home and with my husband like I want. Especially my nights and weekends are taken away, because I work managing events, and many events are on nights and weekends! I do not want to complain, I just want more time with my husband and more time at home, and that’s something personal that I’m going to have to work through by projecting what I want for the future. That’s another good thing about creating your own reality… you find what you want and what you don’t want through experience, and then you have to take steps to change it. In my case, I’m not sure how I am going to create time for myself and my husband, but cosmically, what is supposed to happen will happen once I start creating the thoughts.
This is getting me into the topic of creating my own reality, which I should save for another day. If you have an interest in that topic, you can ask me about it, and/or I would strongly recommend the book: Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks. 
That all being said, there are MANY positive changes that Mother Earth needs to go through, and our lives needs to go through! But it has to start with us. Praying (like projecting your desires) is a power that we all have. If you want positive change in this world to take place with our leaders, our planet’s health, saving our animals, making a more fair work system or health insurance system or anything else you can think of… please pray with me on it. Project positive into the future.
❤ Celestial K. 

13 thoughts on “Dance ~ a poem

  1. I call it greed and people have become disposable. Work life balance is non existent anymore and it’s one of the biggest things I struggle with here. I have always said that we, as in Germans are not lazy people but there is a big difference between here and Germany. Germans work for a living but we don’t live to work. That seems all that is left here. Work and so little time for anything else. People are exhausted and are getting sick because of it. And the stresses from the greed and. Among the rich richer doesn’t help matters.
    I hope you find some time to spend with your husband.

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    • Wow, it seems like you really understand, thank you. And it’s really ironic you mention getting sick, because I was sick for four days literally stressing about work and thinking and worrying. I am just now recovering and feeling better (after I went to the doctor yesterday). But I am generally intrigued on your insight with Germany and Europe, if you know. I am naturally drawn to European culture and the land. I’ve traveled to England before, and I’ve touched more countries (including Germany!) with the aid of a European cruise, which I was so lucky and blessed to have experienced. I never wanted to leave Europe! Although it was pricey compared to US, so…that’s one problem. But off my tangent- can you explain to me more about work verses play in Germany? How is it different from here? Are there only set hours for most careers that we just go beyond in the US? And/or are you talking about mainly the attitudes of Germans vs. Americans, where all we think about is work and how to make ends meet? And to top that all off, you choose to live in the US instead of Germany, so why? Do you still prefer the US lifestyle even if it’s more stressful? Just give me more detail, and I would appreciate it. I’ve often thought about living in Europe, but mostly England and Ireland, honestly. (I want somewhere that is beautiful, but speaks mostly English.) Perhaps for retirement if not sooner.


      • Ok I’m going to try to break down your answers the best I can and my prior response was based on my experience.
        The work life balance is a lot different in Europe vs here in the US. There is much more vacation and paid time off. Companies invest in their employees which ultimately yields a return in investment through happier, more relaxed employees. I started work at the age of 16 and had five weeks of vacation from the beginning. It’s just a different culture with different priorities and money is not the number one priority. Friends and family come first. There is so much that could be said here and yet some of it has to be experienced and is hard to talk about.
        I met my first husband in Germany and he was stationed there in the army. Our lives took us here but it wasn’t that I left my country because I choose the US over it. There was nothing wrong with my home, but home is also where you make it and I’m blessed to have been lucky to experience both.

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      • Wow,, thank you for your response and deep insight, Rhapsody! It makes me want to spend more time in Europe and live there. My heart has been there from the time I was young. I always wanted to live there! But I now have a husband and his family here (mine is, too, but I don’t see them as much). And you know, jobs we can’t leave and a house to pay, etc. Lol It would be hard to leave everyone we know, but I truly think it would be fun to live there, even if we never get the chance. I love that family/friends are a priority instead of $$. That’s a priority that I want to keep straight for myself, but it’s actually very hard with my type of work (and my husband’s) where our hours and days change all the time. Sometimes we’re called to work 7 or more days straight! It’s overwhelming. I don’t want to vent to you. But the way you describe Europe seems more like I think people SHOULD be treated everywhere! Not that Europe is “perfect,” we might not be on this planet, but the humanity aspect should be respected. I understand now that you didn’t choose to come here to the US, as I thought you had at first. You’re lucky to have experienced both! You seem to have a beautiful life where you are right now! ❤

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      • Thank you for your response and letting me know I left you wanting to travel. I consider both Germany and the US my home. Both have good and bad and you won’t find me pointing the finger. I just merely wanted to point out the difference in a few priorities.
        There is a lot to life no matter where you live, but I believe it can be beautiful wherever you choose to make it your home.
        Have a great week.

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  2. I agree with RhapsodyBoheme up there. Too many of us getting sick just from living. We’re losing our souls at the same time. Thanks so much for the follow, btw. Look forward to seeing you around the blogs. 🙂

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    • Totally agree with you there, my dear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – glad some of us are on the same wavelength here!! I look forward to being one of your blogging buddies! 😀 😛 ❤


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