I live for…



Sometimes I have to think… what keeps me going? Why am I working so hard? All for what? It can’t be money. More like, memories to make with spending the money. It can’t be just for survival. It has to be about relationships with the beautiful people who have touched my life.

I live for those moments that I can spend with my husband. He is my love, he is my life, and after life. Our jobs do a good job at separating us sometimes, but we got to spend some time together these past few days, and the memories are something to keep in my heart! ❤

I live for the chance to breathe in nature. Not when it’s freezing outside, like today. But I’m living for the expectation that spring is around the corner. Living in the southern state of GA in the US, I am absolutely grateful that spring and summers and fall are usually quite warm seasons! (And in this years’ case, winter too…but today is freezing.)

I live for the chance to continue to travel the world! I love to travel – I’ve been to many places in the US, including California, and New York City, Hawaii, Alaska, and Florida… but there’s still more to see! I’ve been to several places outside of the US, too, like Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Honduras, England (my favorite!), Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and more. Many of these places I’ve only experienced briefly on a cruise. So I’d love to spend more time in Europe in my life! I have a love for England and Ireland, and I took French, so I really want to visit France. My family has Russian and German roots, so I went to spend more time in these places, too. Also, I love to travel to the beach! I live hours away from one, now, unfortunately. But maybe one day I’ll move closer to one again–or even the mountains! Who knows where the future will take us for vacations or  beyond?!

I live for the time I’ll find my kitty soul mate again. I had my Darlen, my Siamese, my precious cat who was with me most of my life and the companion exactly matching my soul, and one whom I could trust dearly. She passed on before Brian & I moved to our beautiful home and got married. I always told her when she passes on, her soul needs to find me again in reincarnation. After her passing, I realized that maybe she’s happier being body-less? She had a lot of problems and surgeries in her time with me. She lived to be 14. So maybe it’s a selfish thing to want her back. So maybe another animal soul mate will come to me? I truly miss the companionship. We have Brian’s cat Eesha who likes me enough, but the connection isn’t nearly as strong. She scratched me deeply once, and I still have a scar. (I didn’t talk to her for like a month.)  Brian and I hope in the future to get two cats who love each other, (kind of mirroring his parent’s twin gold-point Siamese cats Rowan and Merlin), and we each get to name one cat. We’ve already picked out the names of our cats 😀 We’re waiting for more financial freedom available before we get these dream-kitties though.

I live for friends and family, present and future. I say this because I’ve always believed friends (and love) is the meaning of life. Those deep friendships. Many of my friends who I’ve been connected to for many years live two hours away. One won’t even visit my house because she has bad asthma and can’t stand a cat. My friends are fantastic, but are not with me often. That makes me sad. But I do live for them, and also for the possibility of new friends in the future. I also live for my family in the respect of Brian is my love and we will one day most likely have children. We want children, just still not ready for them yet. Enjoying just being a couple. I’m not getting into the rest of the family to mention how grateful or not I am of them. Each person has a different story. In my mind, my story with Brain is the most important. ❤ (Ain’t I a ROMANTIC?! Lol I am, and luckily so is he.)

I live so that I can keep writing and get my novel published! Been working on this novel since I was 13 years old. It’s bound to be completely finished and published in some magical way soon… 😉 Hey, at least I got a poetry book out! Celestialk.weebly.com 😀 Self-published. Yeah, I don’t want to go the self-publishing route again, but we’ll see what the future holds.

I realize when I step back, I have a lot to live for, many memories to reminisce on when I feel like it, and so much to look forward to.

What are some things you are living for? What keeps you going? 


~Celestial K.


20 thoughts on “I live for…

  1. tarnishedsoul

    I like this concept of living for something. There are some things I live for, that I don’t discuss online. I find so much love and peace in some of the things I don’t discuss online.
    I also find that I need nature – I need to be in the mountains to replenish myself on a spiritual level.

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    • I’ve always had an internal thing/person/goal I was living for. Even when I was young. I don’t even know why. I understand completely not discussing it on line!! Nature is something I think everyone needs but may not always recognize it. I’m glad you like to replenish in nature as well!!! So peaceful and can clear my mind really fast 🙂

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  2. First of all, is your name really Celestial?

    Secondly, this post is great! The rigamarole of life makes it easy to forget why we do it all. I think we should all shoot down abs do what you did on this post. Make a list of the why’s. It’s a great lady btw, I love to travel too! Thank you for this reminder to step away and take stock of the reasons life is worth living.

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    • Hi Celestial! Thanks so much for reaching out to me and commenting. I’m really glad you liked the post. I’ve always had it inherently inside me to question why I’m doing this. I’ve grown up with a spiritual background, so my mindset is a little different. I think, “well if I don’t have a reason to be here, then I’d rather be in the spirit world.” Most humans may not think that’s the best way to think 😀 haha! Not that I think like too morbidly about anything, but I do appreciate goth rock and heavy metal. Anyway, tangent onward…I like to have a reason for things. And life gets so hectic I have to remember why I’m doing this!!! Anyway, we are name-sisters I suppose! Celestial K. is my pen name I chose (I’m a writer with a self-published poetry book out). So it’s not my real name. But the name Celestial has been with me since the fifth grade when I first heard the word and fell in love. How about you? Is it your real name? Oh, and we both love to travel so I guess we’re traveling sisters too 🙂 We have a lot in common, I suppose!! Glad to make a friend.

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      • Thanks for stopping by Celestial! I feel the same way you do often! That’s because we know that there is so much more to look forward to then what this world has to offer!

        Celestial is my real name, but I’m glad to share it with you!!! 🙂

        I guess we’re twinning in many ways, huh?! Traveling is also where my heart is! So many places to explore!

        What’s one of your favorite destinations?!

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      • Yay I like being twins! My astrological sign is a Gemini 😀 What’s yours? My favorite destinations are in Europe! I spent a week in England once and my heart is truly there! I yearn to visit Ireland. I’m thinking…maybe retire in one of these places, if I can’t live there now? lol I also touched some other places of Europe briefly on a cruise – loved that cruise! I truly wish traveling wasn’t so expensive. That’s what’s holding us back, now. I also like simple trips to the beach, but where I live now, it’s like almost 5 hours away from the beach!! Crazy. What are your favorite places to travel to?

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      • Ha- I’m a Gemini too, May 29th!
        I’m a Flight Attendant and if you live traveling, you should totally consider doing it as well! One of my favorite places is England too! I’ve only been there twice, each time for a day, but I loved it all the same! I also love Zurich! & there are many places in the U.S. I want to visit! I LOVE the beach too! Lol Fortunately, I love in Florida, so it’s about an hour and a half away. We seriously have so much in common


      • Wow Celestial, this is crazy. Like meeting my twin for realz. haha I can’t believe you’re also a Gemini, which means you just might be as crazy as I am 😉 Wow a flight attendant! I actually work in theater/events as a house manager part time, and then work at home as a trasncription manager for court cases the other part time. (I’d stay at home only if it made enough money! As it is, I have to commute to my theater job. Yuck.) Flight attendant sounds cool though! But I know planes are so cramped. But you get to travel for a living, how awesome!! One day we should meet each other, maybe at the beach near your house (and then catch a flight to England!!) 🙂

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      • We do have much in common Celestial! It can be tight quarters on the plane, but overall, I love the job! I commute as well, between Newark and Florida, so I know your struggle there all too well! I know, I totally need to make my way back to London and who knows maybe one day we can catch up there 🙂

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      • Wow, two commuters who love to travel. I’m familiar with Florida and think it’s a lovely place to live! We’re hoping that future promotions for my husband may lead us closer to the water, such as Florida being a possible place! But we’ll see. Yes, we should catch up in London most definitely. Have some tea and clotted cream. mmm 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on your book 😉, what a great accomplishment and I have much research to do. I’m planning on writing one too once I collected enough material and need some input as I thought I would self publish. It sounds like you are not too fond of doing it that way again and could use your input.

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    • Thanks Rhapsody!! Even though I would love to have been picked up by a publishing company (and that’s still a possibility if I create time to really push myself out there), I decided on self-publishing my first book.

      I bought a book Poets Market, I think it’s called that gave me a list of places that would accept poetry submissions. I got my names in some magazines, then decided to self-publish a whole collection! I went with the company I-universe, because an acquaintance of mine used them too. It costs a few thousand dollars total, and then you have to buy your books if you want to sell them physically. You can also sell on the website and have the e-book and such.

      Honestly, the self-publishing route is good to just say “yes, I’m published, I got a book out,” and hope that one day a real publisher can pick you up. I would not recommend doing the “easy” method of being published by Amazon or whatever site it is that just publishes it online. It’s really hard for anyone to buy it.

      For me, I’m available through the I-Universe website, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles. Then, with my author discount, I order a set of my own books that I can take to fairs or whatever and sell. I know I’m giving you a lot of information. It’s an investment that you could choose to take! I’d recommend it if you have the money. Just don’t expect it to be something you make $$ on until/unless you get a real publisher. (I really need to goalset that!) I’ve got a novel still underway!!

      I may not have covered everything, so please ask me any questions and I will answer them!! I want you to know my experiences and know your options and make the best choice for you!! Nowadays lots of people self-publish to start out. 🙂

      Good luck on your writing – I think you’ve got some great things to share with the world!

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  4. Music. That’s what keeps me getting out of bed in the morning. And connecting with other beings with as much respect and love as I can muster. And savoring the natural world. Good luck with the home stretch of your book!

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    • Music is a reason for the soul to be here!!! I completely agree. It was my minor. I’ve been involved with music my whole life. Love it ❤ Glad it's your passion, too, as well as connecting with people and loving nature! I agree completely. Thanks for the luck – my book will be complete and published one day!


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