Sunshine, then Tornado


I LOVE to sit in the sun outside on my patio, soaking in the rays, either the early afternoons before work, or on my days off. I was lucky enough to catch some rays the past few days before going to work, but today is my day off and… I wake up to a tornado warning. Rain pounding outside. Nooooo!

I also awoke looking at Instagram (of course) at some lady doing yoga on the beach and I looked at the waves… and ached for them. I live in a city that’s far away from the ocean and it’s getting to me. I woke up wishing for water… and then I saw the tornado warning pop up on my phone.

Lol, no nature, not that kind of water.

So I wrote a poem.

flowers on tree

Flowers on a tree in my front yard! Picture taken as the sun was falling sometime last week. 🙂 

The sunshine waves,

Tornado proceeds.

Cream flower petals

On stage as the stars.

Know your character

Through unkind raindrops.

The theatre of life,

As always, awaits.

~Celestial K. (My site)


3 thoughts on “Sunshine, then Tornado

    • Thank you so much Abby!! I’ve been away from the ocean too long. I used to live maybe 2.5 hours from it, and now I’ve been living like 5 hours from it. We had a honeymoon/vacation last year near water (cruise!), but finance-wise, not sure what this year will bring, if anything. I can hope 🙂

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