Hug Yourself

Have you ever heard that you need five or more hugs a day?

“A hug is a universal medicine…” ~Anonymous.

hug-yourselfLooking into it further on even a simple Google search, hugging has health benefits on an emotional/psychological level that always permeates to the physical level of our being, and makes a healthier us! Our emotions truly do tie into how healthy our body wants to be. Your body listens to your every thought like crazy! That’s why affirmations work, too, if you repeat them enough to overcome any negative self-doubt thought.

I’m not good with staying off of tangents.

According to the quote I got when searching the web, it says “and even more hugging could prevent serious diseases such as heart disease and depression.”

Wow! Hug everyone every day!!!

A little unrealistic? In a perfect world where everyone had a fairy-heart, it would be fine. But here we are on earth… where many people may not have a person to hug, or even feel comfortable hugging.

As it is, the family I was raised in doesn’t really like hugging or touching to emotions a whole lot… except for ME!! I LOVE hugging and talking and friends and saying I love you!! I have no idea why the family that raised me is opposite of all that… but oh well, they had to have a wild daughter/sister. (Changeling?!? Just kidding…)

Anyway, the meditation group that my Godmother ran that I used to go to in Augusta stressed the importance of self-hugging.  Try it now! Wrap your arms around yourself!

Understandably, it may look funny, but it FEELS… emotionally secured, like you’re safe. If you do this and add words or thoughts like, “I love you, _(Your Name)____” That increases the benefits.

People may give you odd looks if you do this in public. 😛 I’m not saying that you have to care what people think… but if you feel more comfortable practicing self-hugging in a private area, like I do,  go for it!!

Tell me what you think of the self-hugging, positive or negative, I like feedback!


Namaste with Love,

~Celestial K.

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  1. Sending a virtual,hug your way

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    1. celestialk1 says:

      Yay hugggs from Rhapsody!!!

      (Virtual ones are a bit emptier, but I’ll hug myself and call it a hug from you! Haha geez I’m a weirdo… but someone thought me a good creation to make 😀 hahaha I’m so rambling. It’s late. I need sleep.)

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      1. It’s good to be weird and if you are then you are my kind of tribe lol. Sweet dreams and big hugs that is

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  2. calensariel says:

    I STRONGLY believe hugging makes a difference. Hugs help your body release all those wonderful endorphins. But I don’t seem to get the same lift from hugging myself. Emotionally it just makes me feel if I were more huggable — well, people would be hugging me! Then I feel bad. Does that make sense?

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    1. celestialk1 says:

      Right, I completely understand! What I think helps as well is holding the hug for awhile. Hugging for a second or two may give you an emptier feeling, I suppose lol.

      As a person, I of course believe in you that you ARE very huggable, but sometimes the people we want to hug aren’t near us, or aren’t in our lives yet. (Like most of my friends live hours away from me. Sad, but true. I can’t hug them!)

      And in America (not sure where you live) but a lot of times I’ve been in jobs in the work place where friendships don’t necessarily form because it’s not professional, so hugging isn’t seen that often at work. So we’re not getting our hugs in.

      So I would hope that self-hugging won’t make you feel sad about not getting other people’s hugs, it’s supposed to support self-love. That’s something we all can work on.

      In the end, if you don’t like self-hugging or the way it makes you feel, that’s perfectly fine!!!

      Thank you so much for sharing how it really make you feel!! I was curious. 🙂

      Have a great day, Calen!!! (Your name is beautiful, by the way!)

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      1. calensariel says:

        I do make up for it some. I visit four shut ins from church a couple times a month. You get an extra boost from hugging them! 😀 They’re great huggers. And will take as many as you want to give!

        I’m in Utah. Transplant from Ohio. (I like the name, too. It means Calen = green, sar = stone, iel = a female ending meaning maiden. It’s a combination of Tolkien’s Quenya and Sindarin. Means (literally) Maiden of the green stone. My birthstone is emerald. 😀 I’m kind of a Tolkien nut!)

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      2. celestialk1 says:

        Wow a beautiful breakdown of a beautiful name! I like Tolkien, too! Love fantasy novels in general and different worlds. The Wheel of Time book series is higher in my ratings than Tolkien’s world, though, because there’s a lot more female power in that series! Many more female characters. And I’m a female feminist, so I appreciate that. You may have heard of the book series already, but if you haven’t, definitely check it out!! I’m part of an Aes Sedai group on Instagram as it is, I love it so much 😀

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      3. calensariel says:

        Yeah, I’ve read the first one and have the next three in on my TBR shelf. Brandon Sanderson, who finished out Jordon’s work on the series after he passed away, is a local boy. Well at least he attended BYU and has led many workshops there. I did one of his webinars. And you’re right about a lack off female characters in Tolkien’s work. I’ve never read what he had to say about that (though the three that were there were all powerful women). Maybe it’s because he really was basing a lot of it on his war experiences?

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      4. celestialk1 says:

        Cool that Brandon is local to you! Definitely get into reading the series, is my suggestion. Some parts are very descriptive and more boring, just like Tolkien’s storytelling can be, but there are exciting events that really make it worth it. 🙂 My brothers got me into reading it. And, yes I agree Tolkien’s women characters are few but powerful!

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  3. Thank you Celestial for the advice. Interesting fact. In our countries it’s a common thing… I remember ten year ago friends came from Slovenia stayed with

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  4. Sorry, I posted before I finish by mistake! I was saying that those friends from Slovenia weren’t believing in hugs; but after few days of staying with us, they were doing it and they liked its affect

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    1. celestialk1 says:

      Nice that you got other people to like hugging!! Pass on the love. 🙂 Very happy to hear that. It can be a cultural thing to not hug, but I think it’s a human experience that should be done more often.

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