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“Desire is a fresh, free feeling of anticipating wonderful expansion. The feeling of desire is truly the feeling of life flowing through you. But many people… while they are using words of desire, they are offering a vibration of lack. They come to think that the feeling of desire is like wanting something that they do not have. But there is no feeling of lack in pure desire.”

–by Esther and Jerry Hicks

From the book Ask and it is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Every time I feel the struggling in creating my reality, I pick up this book, which is the best tool I’ve grown to love.

You may have heard the Law of Attraction (LOA). This creating your reality is a concept that you can draw anything into your life that you want, and this book suggests a way to do that is by putting this emotion of “desire” out into the universe, and thinking about it, meditating up on it, but in a positive way.

I usually see what I’m doing wrong once a I read just one paragraph in my continuing read of this book. I’m like halfway through the book, but I just pick it up, continue where I left off, get an ah-ha moment, and underline it (or highlight it).

My ah-ha moment was the bottom line: “But there is no feeling of lack in pure desire.” To create something in your life, you need to put this energy of joyful desire into it. So, if I want money, I have to produce the FEELING of how excited I be once this raise/promotion/more money comes into my life. I can’t send out the negative feeling of worry because I don’t have money now – that’s the “vibration of lack.”

This is a struggle, but when I pull it off, it’s always worth it.

I’ve been working hard at creating my reality for years. My first time I impressed myself was getting my first car. I was out of college, and it was clear my parents weren’t getting me a car, no one was. I just had savings, and that’s it. No real job to give me real money. But I craved independence and was tired of my father carting around my brothers and me all the time. I wanted a car! So I projected into the universe, envisioning the perfect, reliable car for me, getting the car for a reasonable price from my savings.

I looked at craigslist and studied sellers. But I just didn’t find a GOOD, running, safe, reliable car for my really, really low price I was asking for.

Then my friend said there was a Salvation Army Car auction. I enlisted a few of my guy friends to come inspect out the cars, see which one was the best, and bid on it. (I had great friends. 🙂 ) Which happened, and I got the perfect car for MORE than the perfect price!!

God,was I excited. I pulled it off. I got a car in my reality, and one more step towards being independent.



Flashback to when I got my first car – so excited. I created my reality!

That’s just the first time I’ve created my reality. I’ve done it with jobs, boyfriends, current husband, promotions, etc. I’ve got a lot to work on still.

I’m not saying that it’s an automatic thing. It takes positive thought, details, concentration, and not giving up! And it also may not occur if it’s not MEANT to be by the Spirit. Like, I didn’t get certain jobs because I was MEANT to have the ones I have now, or whatever. That’s the way I view that. But to a big extent, this Law of Attraction has worked for me.

This topic is so expansive, I won’t share all in one blog. But feel free to ask me any questions or tell me your personal experiences with the LOA and creating your reality, because I’m interested in knowing others’ thoughts & stories!

Namaste with Love,

~Celestial K. (my site)


12 thoughts on “Desire Creating

  1. A very powerful post, and I get which I can’t described before at my end as well.

    Whatever I have today, I got based on the same principles. We were quite poor, my father was a businessman but something happened in the family, and he lost everything.

    We saw quite difficult times. I made a list of my desires, and I keep striking those list of desires. Now very few items are left.

    You have to had that desire to kill attitude that I wanted it and not half heartedly. And you will get it.

    I didn’t able to get my desires how I planned in time line basis. But I get it after a while, when God decides it’s the right time to be granted. But that will to get was pretty much their.

    Very nice post, thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks for telling me your story!! It’s inspiring for me to hear that, as well. I’m glad the law of attraction has worked beautifully in your life. Something you said – that we have to do it “not half heartedly.” If we want and desire something, we have to do it with our whole heart, and then it will come. Thanks for the reminder!! I’m glad you liked my post. 🙂


      • My pleasure, what I get in life is a simple formula which has worked for me. I had seesaw in my life. My formula is simple, I need to have a definite objective / goal / lesson as to why I am doing it in the first place for a project.

        That’s for me very very important. If I don’t have it, I tend to lose it after a month or two when I started it.

        I have some objectives / goals, which are running for the past many years, but I didn’t able to complete it, but whenever I see them, I tell myself. I have said to myself to do it because of xyz factors.

        Have that at your end, whatever you want to do. But it needs to have a solid conviction to do it. Once you had it, put it on a piece of paper and the reason to doing it. Whatever it may be, and also what you will get once you achieved it, this is more important than the first part.

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      • I see what you mean about needing that objective/goal/lesson because I’ve always been extremely goal oriented. Sometimes too focused on my goals that I couldn’t “live int eh present moment” as new age thinking and meditation really urges us to do. I still have trouble, sometimes, thinking about work goals or financial goals. But I’ve evolved to a point where I am happy even if I haven’t achieved my goals. Sometimes that slips, and I think my goal will make me happy, so it is hard to remind yourself that the ending of the goal shouldn’t define you. But… it IS the journey and make it a good one and there needs to be a goal because there needs to be a journey! 🙂


      • You are dead right wrt chasing it.

        I have been a victim of it. The turn around of this issue, is after careful thought and practicing it, I came up to this solution what I suggested in my April 30th objective post. The crux of it is:
        – Make each task as objective.
        – Divide them into 4:Urgent, Very Important, Important and Others.

        In this order, even if you skip, you know which one you simply can’t. Like Credit Card bill or utilities bill it’s very important or Urgent category item. Where car repair or fixing something can be Very Important or Important or Other.

        And you can keep yourself on target.

        Plus what another observation of mine is, don’t do anything in extreme. Whenever I do a thing, once I completed it over a period of time repeatedly, I lose the charm of it.

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  2. It’s all about how we feel and dare to feel, about letting go fears and inner obstacles and how to be fully present in our lives…and above all, feel the synchronicity…🌠 thank you for spreading the light!🌟

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  3. A beautiful post my friend and you worked hard to gain your independence. I had a similar experience getting my motorcycle that way. It was tough at times but it also made me value things even more. Good for you my friend.

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