Fate <3


May 21, 2016 is when Brian & I got married!

We both took the day off and celebrated with each other! (Wow, it was nice to just have the day off together!)

We planned a fancy dinner and a movie – Guardians of the Galaxy 2. So of course, Brian bought the first Guardians of the galaxy and we watched that over our brunch. Then we dressed to go out to dinner, driving into the city. Someone gave us a gift card to five different choices in Buckhead (richy rich!) restaurants. We picked the French restaurant, Bistro Niko. I couldn’t wait.

My husband and I planned this out halfway and played it by ear the other half. We had been so busy, we didn’t even give each other cards, haha! But it was the last thing on our mind – we truly didn’t care. We know we love each other so much!!

We dressed quite spiffy.

We may have been the only ones there dressed up.

anniversary 3

Lookin’ sharp!

They tried to seat us inside the restaurant, but it was too cold and the music played so loud that my husband and I had to shout at each other across the table to hear one another. The waiter came and after he finished talking about the specials, I asked to be seated outside. He gave us one tiny little table (like a tiny patio table)  with a broken seat. After we switched the broken seat, it was very cozy outside. Perfect weather. (You guys know how I connect with nature. Of course, we were in a city, but there were trees and sky.) My husband and I were sitting pretty close together, as well, and could talk easily.


I ordered a bottle of red wine, pinot noir. I was thrilled, because I’d never done that before (acted rich and ordered a bottle of wine at a restaurant). I’d seen people do it so many times before, but it was never me. It was that night!!!

My husband doesn’t care for red wine, so he ordered white by the glass. (I’m okay that I didn’t have to share my bottle).


  1. We got appetizers, me some ravioli pasta, he some kind of seafood (I’m allergic to seafood).
  2. For main dish, I got coq au vin that juicily fell off the bone, and he got some kind of seafood. (What’s that fish that looks like a Stingray? Doesn’t look like it on the plate though.) Gosh, everything we tasted was so divine and completely homemade. We were ultra impressed.
  3. Then, because I gushed it was our anniversary, we got a free dessert that was like heaven reached down and handed me goodness overflowing. It said “Bon Anniversare” in chocolate writing on the plate. Homemade ice-cream in between cream puffs and chocolate that was most likely also homemade.
anniversary 1



We aren’t rich in life, yet, maybe one day. We had a gift card to an expensive restaurant and really lived it up. As a couple who was sitting diagonal to us left their table, our waiter gently informed us that they completely paid our bill. 

At first, I didn’t hear it too well. Brian responded first with complete… “Really? Oh wow. Really?” The waiter assured us that yes, that nice couple comes there every week and requests him (Alex, I believe his name was). The couple had asked Alex why we were so dressed up. (I was wearing a nice, long strapless dress while he wore his wedding apparel essentially. Most people there were wearing shorts.) Alex told them it was our anniversary and… the amazing gesture happened.

We couldn’t even thank these generous people! Brian and I wonder what it would be like to have enough money to come here every week, and pay for someone else’s dinner after that! But our hearts are just opened to the Anniversary Present they gave us, as we were total strangers. We couldn’t believe it all night. That means also that we get to go on another date with our gift card!! (And guys,  yes, we did tip the awesome waiter pretty well, don’t worry.)

But guys, all you who believe in fate, think about what happened. If we hadn’t sat at the right place, outside on the patio… if I hadn’t requested we go outside, if we didn’t get real dressed up… that might not have happened. But the synchronicity occurred, which was a  blessing to us. This can apply to your life, because when synchronicity occurs in your life, that is a sign that you’re making the right choices. You are where you are meant to be at this moment in time.

And it ALSO shows there are kind people out there. (Some kind people with money.) Bada bing!

anniversary 2

Au Revoir, Bistro Niko!

SUCH A LOVELY DATE. I tried to take lots of pictures. Then we made a quick stop to his parents house real fast, who actually gave us an anniversary card (handmade) and gift, too. ❤

And then we saw the movie, which was awesome! Complete with slushy mixed with all flavors, and a collectible popcorn bucket of the head of baby Groot which can be turned into a flower pot later, which sold me.

We then stopped at his parents house again to chat with his aunt who is in town. And then we came home completely exhausted, me having to get up and go to work tomorrow. So we made the eat-slice-of-your-wedding-cake event happen quickly because it was 2 AM. We did the tradition, though! It tasted goood! (I love cake).

anniversary cake

Yes, this was the top of our wedding cake! Nice, light purple with sparkles. 

And then, I went to sleeeeeeep because I was soooo tired.

But very happy. 🙂

(Only thing is, I wanted to actually put my wedding dress on again that day and, it didn’t happen. Next time. haha)


IMG_0099Namaste with Love,

Until next time,

Celestial K.



13 thoughts on “Fate <3

  1. Awww such a beautiful post, I am so happy to hear.

    This is nature love towards you, you must be kind towards someone, and it could be a reward for it.

    Really happy for you guys. You guys looks awesome.

    About the dress part, make yourself an objective to reduce and start exercise. I hope you are following my series of it. General Dave Routine. If not it’s for people like you and me.

    Great to see your husband he looks full of energy, content and happy with what he has and so do you!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, friend! Thank you for your compliments that we look awesome, and you’re right that we should reduce. I love exercising! I don’t get to it enough. But even if I exercise a lot, it still won’t get me down in weight unless I start eating healthier and take into account what I’m putting in my body. It’s the hardest part! But it is a journey that I’m on myself! My husband wants to be, too. We need to priorities! I will look for your General Dave Routine. But through thick and thin, my husband & I love each other and always will 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Your last part is more important than anything else in this world. And that is clearly visible from your pictures.

        I am reader of face, it’s an interesting hobby i have. So by reading both of your faces. I said the previous comment.

        About the commitment part you have to check this series and show it to the big boss as well.

        It’s been 9 days and the post length is small to go through all of them.

        Not because of viewers point of view I am saying, but from the change in life point I am suggesting.

        Since I had a very hectic life. A non stop activity of 18 hrs a day. So one need to take out time for himself.

        That’s why will press you to look to bring that change in our life, since we owe this to ourselves.

        I am sure you can bring that much time for these routines.

        Liked by 2 people

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