Breathe the Magic


I breathe in the Magic —

Reach —

It floats in the Air,

Travels in my veins,

enjoys my cells,

transforming me

back to my soul,

no longer shell


~Celestial K.

My website


Was inspired when I was listening to this fairy music on Youtube:

I like to have soothing background music on Β as I’m editing my transcripts, in-betweenΒ the moments when I’m typing πŸ™‚ Plus to the days & nights I get to work at home!


36 thoughts on “Breathe the Magic

      • Hi Celestialk,
        This is award is given from one blogger to another in order to acknowledge what that blog is doing. It is also used to promote new bloggers and make them more recognizable.
        However,you can nominate 4 or 3 which blog you see that they deserve it and nominate them that’s fine, as it is not obligatory to nominate 10 persons.
        About facts, you can reveal 3 or 5 up to you.
        Hope all I have written reach your satisfaction.

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      • Dang, I already nominated like 15 because that’s what the rules said. Haha! I went ahead and wrote my post before I saw your message. Oh well, it can’t hurt. πŸ™‚ Thanks for explaining and for the nomination!!

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