Sleep Paralysis


I wanted to make a quick blog about my experience last night.

I spent about 30 minutes to an hour in sleep paralysis right after I fell asleep. It’s strange to explain what exactly it is, if you haven’t experienced it. I was trying to tell my husband about it, but he didn’t make many comments. But he was also tired/ watching TV, but I don’t think he knew what I was talking about. This isn’t the first time in my life I’ve experienced sleep paralysis of course. But many people do, so I wanted to explain this experience and give you advice about what to do if you’re stuck in this situation.

Wikipedia says its “a phenomenon during which an individual is unable to move during falling asleep or awakening, but is aware of their surroundings.”

It’s an out of body experience, when your soul or astral body is outside of your body, yet sometimes you can feel like you’re in your body, but you still can’t move. Your brain is aware you’re laying there. Sleep paralysis isn’t always bad, as it means you’re in your astral from and can travel without the need for your body.

In this particular night, my astral body was zooming around, yet it was extremely uncomfortable. I felt like I was falling from great heights, in and out of black holes of the universe, but it was all very unwanted and made my heart race.

questionable black hole

I heard a voice. This negative energy was around me, and I believe it was holding me down. It imitated my dad’s voice. But it wasn’t him.

For what felt like a long time, I realized that all of this uncomfortable-ness was going on, that it was a horrible “dream,” that I wanted to wake up.

The strange thing about last night was, I had to fight my way out. I was having the uncomfortable presence on me, hearing my dad’s voice but not him, in a menacing, mocking language, angry presence… and for some reason I knew I had to get my backbone if he was to leave me. Once I had this epiphany, I pretended I had muscles, shouted back at the angry presence to leave me alone and whatever else I said. I made myself barge into it, attack it, fight with it. I would say flesh against flesh, but in a spiritual sense. Obviously we’re not physical beings at this level.  I felt this.

It only took a moment of me fighting, and I knew I fought back the presence… demon, whatever you wish to call it. It was gone. Somehow inside me, I knew that would work right before I did it. And then, I was awake.

Many might experience this kind of sleep paralysis. Think about it. Some people, like my husband, may never. Those of us closer to the spirit world who have experience out-of-body-experiences, might have them moreso. Imagine how many people might experience this, but never write about it. Well, here I am writing about it.

If you are not careful, once you break out of the paralysis, it has the ability to come back when you fall asleep again. But I knew how to prevent that from happening.

I was freaked out a bit, and so very tired. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I hand not been asleep an hour. Then I called upon my spiritual protections, Jesus, Michael the Archangels, Mother Mary, my Guardian Angel… you can call whoever you feel will protect you. (It’s okay if you don’t believe in these beings I called.) I called them in and asked for protection while I slept, and the ability to fight off any negativity that comes my way. I prayed to sleep in peace the rest of the night.

It worked. I slept without a problem. In fact, I didn’t remember I had this sleep paralysis until a moment ago, when I recollected it. And I was like… “Wow, that was real.” I knew it was something important I had to share.

Spiritual protections are so important!

  • Imagining yourself in a bubble of pure white light, made of the Creator’s spirit, who can handle anything and protect anything trying to harm you.
  • Envisioning shields of protection around you.
  • Programming a crystal to protect you or your sleep. (You can program a crystal to do anything for you, really.)
  • Lighting smudge/dried sage in the house clears the negative energies.
  • Lighting candles.
  • Communicating with your angels and spirit guides. Imagining your spirit form strong. Feel it.
  • Call in your Power Animals to fight with you, such as the Tiger or even a Dragon.

angel light

These are all good forms of protection, to get you started. It chased away the “Demon,” or whatever you wish to call it, that attacked me while in sleep paralysis.

If you have any questions about how to do these spiritual protection methods, ask me. I know I didn’t go into a lot of detail with this. But I plan to go more in depth later in my blogs, as the need arises. But I’m perfectly happy to give you the information I know if you are asking for my guidance.

Just leave a comment.

And… have you ever experienced something like this? Let me know.

Namaste, With Love.

Celestial K. 


19 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis

  1. Mikey Kuplevatsky

    Nice post! I experienced Sleep Paralysis once a few months ago and it was horrifying. You raise some pretty interesting points and give interesting tips. I’m definitely going to have to try these out. 🙂 That is, if it happens to me again.

    What you went through sounded scary, I’m sorry. But I’m glad you fought your way out and that it worked! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading and understanding. I appreciate your comments and you sharing a bit of your experience as well. Sleep paralysis is NOT always scary, true, but this time it was for me. It can be a cool experience if you plant to take it further and go into out of body experience. You can google all about that – but I would definitely suggest putting some protections in place before you do that! ❤

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    • It’s not always scary Sascha. It can be a unique experience indeed and set you up for an out of body experience. But if you’re not protected properly for one reason or another, things can get scary. I did not have a great experience here. But maybe it was important for me to go through to share it. Thanks for your comment, Sascha!

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  2. What an amazing post! And I am glad that you called on to your spirit guides and the archangels for the help that you needed. It is so important to stay focused on that your not alone and that God does send protection down for us. The problem is that when things are going on in your life that you tend to forget that they are there. I mean I have a strong ability to sense the things around me at the times of my life, and I first have to give the credit to God, and secondly you have to listen to what the angel or the energy of the room is telling you.

    But what a great story that you had to share, and thank you for taking that time to post this, and just to let you know that Mother Mary has been following me around for most of my life, and I have an amazing tattoo of her on my arm. And people from Pastors to other spiritual advisors have told me this.

    In the end, always give your thanks to God for the miracles around you. Never loose sight of his power and might that he gives you… Take care and many blessings to you and your family…

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    • Thank you so much for this in depth response, my friend. I know I’m not the only one to have experienced a dark sleep paralysis before, but my spiritual upbringing reminded me to focus on calling in my spirit guides. I was afraid that if I went right back to sleep, I’d slip right in it again. Unless I stood up, cleared my head, called my protections and protectors. I knew I was secure after that, and I trust them. Mother Mary is very dear to my heart as well. ❤ I am glad she is with you. Thank you for another reminder that God and the Angels have our backs!! ❤

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      • More than anything you have to remember is that we always have God and the angels for our protection. But what I forget to do is thank God for that protection at the end of my night before I go to bed. I know that from my experiences I have to be more thankful for these miracles that are happening all day around us. That is why I tell people to look for the small miracles, and to me that is such a comfort that knowing we have angels and archangels to help us in a time of our needs. I mean I never understood why people get mad at God when things go wrong, like I said God gives us all the tools down here to use to help yourself get through the situations at hand. What an amazing gift we all have knowing that God does this for us. But anyways, I am carry away on these thoughts. You take care again and many blessings to you…

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      • I love your responses, and they carry so much truth to my heart, and a reminder to be thankful. There’s so much that goes on in the world that we’re not thankful for, the negative side, but typically it’s things all created by humans. We can have such a beautiful life, but not everyone does. There is much wrong with the world. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thankful. One day we’ll all return to spirit, once again, and that is God always taking care of us. There is always a reason to open our hearts to thankfulness ❤


      • Well, thank you and your right we need to give our thanks to God, and I need to do that more myself and thanks for reminding of giving my thanks to God. Until then be good to yourself and the others around you…

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  3. Wow this is intense to say the least and even though I have never experienced this, I fully believe in it. I would imagine that each occasion is different and you need to utilize your intuition to react accordingly. Thank you for sharing my dear friend.

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  4. I e experienced sleep paralysis pretty frequently in the last. It’s weird but I’ve actually grown so experienced in it that the right isn’t even an issue. I’ve basically trained myself to just stay calm and embrace the period before I wake up rather than fight it.

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