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I have been spending a lot of time in my fan fiction Instagram community,  called Weaves of the Wheel: Talanverse. Our community is based on the Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan.

Spending time there is part of what takes me away from here, as I enjoy it so much, and the people that I meet on there, that I spend much of my free time doing that. But in the community, what is also important to me is writing. We write fan fiction stories using our avatar characters we’ve created, sometimes including each other in the stories, sometimes not.

And I love creating these stories in the Wheel of Time universe! I love having people read the stories and commenting on them. But mostly the writing itself is therapeutic for me. It’s just for fun, too. I’m not trying to prove anything by writing. I write quickly, and I’m good at it! I take an idea and run with it. On Instagram, I’m @Celestialkpoetry, but I’m also @grayajah for my role play account. (Both accounts, though, actually post these stories now).

I just wanted to share that sometimes your creative self can be therapeutic. In my stressful moments of life, I can take a break and come to a story, and be who I want to be, and make happen what I want to make happen.

Everyone can have a different kind of therapy. I am a strong writer, but others may be great painters, or musicians, or photographers, or dancers. Creative expression is all over this world, and sometimes our society tries to keep us so busy that we forget to use our gifts. The hardest part is not letting it. Grabbing a hold of your gift, making time for it, saying I’m going to do this!

The Universe gave us gifts for a reason… to use them!

I mean, I hope to write words that inspires people, and that can help people, heal them, and open their mind and heart. But other times, I just need to write for fun. The fan fiction isn’t going to “help” anyone necessarily, as I aim to try to do. But I love doing it. Writing, reviewing, posting, and seeing reactions of the audience, if any. 🙂

What do you like to do creatively that can be more of a therapeutic part of your day?

And,  here’s just some random fantasy images for you:

Fantasy art

Fantasy art 2

Namaste with Love,

Celestial K.


3 thoughts on “Creative & Therapeutic

  1. I’ve never heard of sites like the fan fiction community you wrote about. I have a friend who likes role play. She used to go to role play camps, but her health is not good, and she can’t attend any more, so she sticks with internet role play now. She may be interested in the site. Do you have to pay to join?.

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    • No, this is just for fans of the book Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Those who haven’t read part of this fantasy series would be entirely confused! Haha. We do ours for fun, just acting out our characters through instragram – posting stories and pictures we find on the internet (or even some draw!) and just interact with each other. It’s very fun. If your friend has read the WOT books, then I’ll definitely talk to her! Maybe she can find other fan RP sites online for things she’s interested in? There are tons! ❤

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      • If there are tons of them she’s probably signed up to one. Owing to her disability, she relies heavily on the internet. I haven’t asked her about it yet, but I’ll find out if she’s read the books 🙂

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