I did the Yoga Sub thing!

I was just a yoga sub for my yoga mentor yesterday, and I loved it!

This was really the third time she’s asked me to help her out and sub. And each time, I’d be nervous, make up a yoga sequence, and then go for it. And each time, I feel great after doing it!

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I really like doing a little meditation at the beginning and end. (Yay savasana!) Great self reflection and turning inward. I also like to have us set an intention at the beginning of practice. I’ve actually been pretty good at reminding them about their intention to reflect on, too.

Have you ever thought you wouldn’t be good at something, but it turns out you weren’t too bad? Haha. I’m not the best or anything, but it’s nice to know I’m on the right track!

But also after all my years of doing yoga, listening to other people’s instructions, learning what to do with my body, it wasn’t that hard to do and say the same kind of things in class. Of course my real teaching experience helps too! Haha.

I haven’t got certified yet to teach yoga, but will be taking a course soon enough. I think it’ll become what I want to incorporate into a little business idea I have for the future.

Unfortunately, you can’t make decent money simply as a yoga teacher. But there are ways to use the knowledge that you have in different ways that could be beneficial financially. However, my goal now is mainly to better myself in the yoga practice, and figure out how to help others too.


My Yoga Calendar this month:

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