Deep Discussions in the Classroom

Hey my friends! 

So I just finished teaching this morning and I don’t know, for some reason I was just like blown away by my students!! I’m teaching them English classes online of course, and they live in China. 

 These two girls are so smart and one of my upper level classes. We had some fantastic and deep discussions that our story and lessons produced, such as about nature and animals. Do animals have emotions as well?  

Image result for animals and emotions

One student’s point of view was that of course animals have emotions because we humans do. And aren’t we like animals? But then she went further and said that she didn’t think we could live on the planet unless we had emotions! Which made me think of the emotions of the plants, rocks, and things that grow too!  

The teacher learns as the student does too, right? As they say. Haha.  

I’m actually starting to love teaching these upper level classes because we can have discussions like this – deep discussions just based on our story of Jack and Annie and the Magic Tree House! I used to be partial to teaching just the younger ones, if I’m being honest. 

Do you ever have deep discussions like this in your classrooms too?  

Related image

If you’re a teacher like me, you know that teaching can be fun. And the company I teach through online is totally amazing. I’ve been questioning where I would be without them. Finding this job has been so helpful for me financially that I don’t even want to think of that.  

And you know my company is hiring for some good teachers who want a Part Time job!! Have you ever thought of teaching some classes online? If you’re thinking about that, trust me, it’s been totally worth it for me. Send me a message now and I’ll send you the job requirements and everything – maybe it’s for you! 

So Anyway, I taught four classes this morning. The rest of the day is mine! Yay! I’m at home, so I’ll be getting some things done around the house. Making it spic and span! But you know, house work isn’t something I complain about, as long as I have time to do it! 

***Also: It’s pretty easy to get involved in if you’re a teacher looking for a side job!  


  • BA degree or higher;  
  • An ESL cert; 
  •  1  yr of teaching experience;  
  • ESL experience;  
  • Native English speaker; 
  •  Desire to engage and inspire young learners *** 

(Apply today! Just ask me for the link!) 

Haha there’s so much to be grateful for!

What are you GRATEFUL FOR today? 

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