Silkened Fragments – A Poem


I dislike that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted & gotten to your sites to comment. Busy, busy.

Here is a lovely poem for you to contemplate!

silkened fragments poem


silkened sky

I wish you friends the best, as always.

Namaste, with Love,

Celestial K.

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Healing Fairy Tune


Another improv Healing Fairy tune displaying the lower tunes of my piccolo. Maybe I should start a Healing Music Group one day – as was suggested to me! 🙂


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Piccolo Fairy Tunes


Some Fairy Music of mine for you…

I was encouraged by a new friend to take out my piccolo *dusts off* and play some tunes! I love improvising, of course.

Here’s a very short clip of me playing today!

I had longer clips, but they weren’t too great, as I’m still getting used to playing again. It’s hard when your embouchure muscles aren’t used to playing anymore. Maybe I’ll post some other videos later and they’ll be even better.

But here’s some little Fairy music for you to enjoy.

fairy flute

Feel inspired!

Namaste with Love,

Celestial K.

Simple Moments are Life


Can Simple Moments be what our life is made for? 

Breathe in.

Does our soul actually crave the Simple Moments in life?

We are trained so hard in our society to exist, in many ways, contrary to our natural state. 

Think about that statement for a minute.

  • We are trained to go-go-go instead of sit in the Moment in Peace.
  • We are trained to think Money is the Master.
  • We are not trained to appreciate Art in terms of hierarchy of money and class.
  • We are trained to think we’re no good if we aren’t accomplishing something.

This list can go on for a very long time.

When I speak of society, I speak mainly of my experience growing up in the Southern US. But I am willing to bet we are not the only ones brought up in these manners of deciding what is important.

What if our nature IS PEACE? LIGHT? ARTISTIC? RESTFUL? Just a few examples.

october 216.JPG

Savannah River in Augusta, GA – my hometown. I really miss it being landlocked like I am now.

Why would we be trained to go AGAINST our nature? We can question why those in control of our society would want us to be against our true nature. If we’re peaceful, we won’t create wars. Those in control like chaos. If we humans believe money shows the value of our worth, then stuff becomes important, high paying but perhaps meaningless jobs becomes important to attain and… we become blinded. Blinded to what’s important (spirit) and blinded to what “they” (those in control) don’t want us to see. Perhaps that we are all light, spirit, and so powerful that we are limitless? They don’t want us to know that.

Honestly, I wasn’t going to get into all the political conspiracies out there of what is really going on in our society and who is in control. I’m a New-Age believer, so a few googles of the Illuminate or David Icke or the like can let you on to those paths of inner-thinkings. It’s not for me to tell you exactly what to believe, but to question – why is it like this, and how can I change it?

You can change yourself (with effort, dedication, work, and being easy on yourself). 

Now what this blog post was SUPPOSED to delve into first was – Simple Moments. (Did I get side tracked?)

The fact that those simple moments between your go-go-go life where you aren’t thinking about work, or what you’re going to do next, or what you’re going to eat next or blah blah blah… you’re saying to yourself, “Wow, the sky looks beautiful today, actually.” Or, you aren’t thinking anything, just enjoying a few moments of cuddling with your loved one.

That last one is me, a lot. I am an extremely goal-oriented person. I want to succeed. I want to be good at my job and my goals. (I’m not always good at them but gosh I try.) I have to do this and that – making lists in my head as I go so I don’t forget what needs to be done. Go-go-go.

I don’t break away from that easily.

Except on vacations. Or small moments, the ones I’m talking about, when I perhaps cuddle with my husband. My mind will tell me that I don’t have time for that. That I have to go do this, do that. Type. Prepare to go to work. Whatever the case may be. But sometimes I just tell that part of my mind to shut the hell up and let me cuddle and enjoy the moment.

It’s hard to listen to your own advice sometimes, and for me, learning to enjoy these simple moments is truly a working progress. I have to really work at letting myself enjoy some simple things, like really enjoy that sip of coffee instead of always doing something else running around while I’m drinking that coffee. It’s small reminders – oh yes, take a sip, taste that? Isn’t it good? Isn’t this what you’re here to experience?


This picture taken on our first anniversary where we went to the same places we did on our first date – Inman Perk Coffee Shop! Enjoy that coffee 😉 

Life. (Life is coffee?!)

We go-go-go, because we’re trained to be that way, it’s ingrained in us, we think we must be accomplishing something or we’re worthless. However, what if we cultivated a different way of thinking? (I’m not saying I support the lazing-on-the-couch-while-your-parents-pay-the-rent generation that some have fallen into. That’s another discussion completely.) If you enjoy this moment in time, whether you are accomplishing something or not, maybe it is an important moment. 

I’m just saying, soul-level, you are worth so much. God/Spirit/Creator will not be disappointed in you, whether you accomplish your goals or not, but in how gentle your spirit is, and how hard you try to be a good person.

Why are we in the flesh? That’s a good question with multiple broad answers. But I bet one of them is to experience simple, enjoyable activities, such as celebrating Christmas with family, and birthdays with friends, and the feel of the water against your toes, and the smell of flowers that fairies have surely grown.

october 253

My friend and me in 2011, those years ago when we lived near each other, enjoying a simple moment 😀 And having lots of fun!

This post is getting long. I really need to write a book.

I have much to say, but I’ll let you contemplate the thoughts I have shared, all my own opinions. Do you have any insight/ input? Think I’m wrong? Isn’t it super hard to enjoy those simple moments? Do you struggle with it or find it easy? Could you incorporate it into your daily practice?

I’ll stop spouting out questions to you. 😀

Namaste with Love,

Celestial K.

Fate <3


May 21, 2016 is when Brian & I got married!

We both took the day off and celebrated with each other! (Wow, it was nice to just have the day off together!)

We planned a fancy dinner and a movie – Guardians of the Galaxy 2. So of course, Brian bought the first Guardians of the galaxy and we watched that over our brunch. Then we dressed to go out to dinner, driving into the city. Someone gave us a gift card to five different choices in Buckhead (richy rich!) restaurants. We picked the French restaurant, Bistro Niko. I couldn’t wait.

My husband and I planned this out halfway and played it by ear the other half. We had been so busy, we didn’t even give each other cards, haha! But it was the last thing on our mind – we truly didn’t care. We know we love each other so much!!

We dressed quite spiffy.

We may have been the only ones there dressed up.

anniversary 3

Lookin’ sharp!

They tried to seat us inside the restaurant, but it was too cold and the music played so loud that my husband and I had to shout at each other across the table to hear one another. The waiter came and after he finished talking about the specials, I asked to be seated outside. He gave us one tiny little table (like a tiny patio table)  with a broken seat. After we switched the broken seat, it was very cozy outside. Perfect weather. (You guys know how I connect with nature. Of course, we were in a city, but there were trees and sky.) My husband and I were sitting pretty close together, as well, and could talk easily.


I ordered a bottle of red wine, pinot noir. I was thrilled, because I’d never done that before (acted rich and ordered a bottle of wine at a restaurant). I’d seen people do it so many times before, but it was never me. It was that night!!!

My husband doesn’t care for red wine, so he ordered white by the glass. (I’m okay that I didn’t have to share my bottle).


  1. We got appetizers, me some ravioli pasta, he some kind of seafood (I’m allergic to seafood).
  2. For main dish, I got coq au vin that juicily fell off the bone, and he got some kind of seafood. (What’s that fish that looks like a Stingray? Doesn’t look like it on the plate though.) Gosh, everything we tasted was so divine and completely homemade. We were ultra impressed.
  3. Then, because I gushed it was our anniversary, we got a free dessert that was like heaven reached down and handed me goodness overflowing. It said “Bon Anniversare” in chocolate writing on the plate. Homemade ice-cream in between cream puffs and chocolate that was most likely also homemade.
anniversary 1



We aren’t rich in life, yet, maybe one day. We had a gift card to an expensive restaurant and really lived it up. As a couple who was sitting diagonal to us left their table, our waiter gently informed us that they completely paid our bill. 

At first, I didn’t hear it too well. Brian responded first with complete… “Really? Oh wow. Really?” The waiter assured us that yes, that nice couple comes there every week and requests him (Alex, I believe his name was). The couple had asked Alex why we were so dressed up. (I was wearing a nice, long strapless dress while he wore his wedding apparel essentially. Most people there were wearing shorts.) Alex told them it was our anniversary and… the amazing gesture happened.

We couldn’t even thank these generous people! Brian and I wonder what it would be like to have enough money to come here every week, and pay for someone else’s dinner after that! But our hearts are just opened to the Anniversary Present they gave us, as we were total strangers. We couldn’t believe it all night. That means also that we get to go on another date with our gift card!! (And guys,  yes, we did tip the awesome waiter pretty well, don’t worry.)

But guys, all you who believe in fate, think about what happened. If we hadn’t sat at the right place, outside on the patio… if I hadn’t requested we go outside, if we didn’t get real dressed up… that might not have happened. But the synchronicity occurred, which was a  blessing to us. This can apply to your life, because when synchronicity occurs in your life, that is a sign that you’re making the right choices. You are where you are meant to be at this moment in time.

And it ALSO shows there are kind people out there. (Some kind people with money.) Bada bing!

anniversary 2

Au Revoir, Bistro Niko!

SUCH A LOVELY DATE. I tried to take lots of pictures. Then we made a quick stop to his parents house real fast, who actually gave us an anniversary card (handmade) and gift, too. ❤

And then we saw the movie, which was awesome! Complete with slushy mixed with all flavors, and a collectible popcorn bucket of the head of baby Groot which can be turned into a flower pot later, which sold me.

We then stopped at his parents house again to chat with his aunt who is in town. And then we came home completely exhausted, me having to get up and go to work tomorrow. So we made the eat-slice-of-your-wedding-cake event happen quickly because it was 2 AM. We did the tradition, though! It tasted goood! (I love cake).

anniversary cake

Yes, this was the top of our wedding cake! Nice, light purple with sparkles. 

And then, I went to sleeeeeeep because I was soooo tired.

But very happy. 🙂

(Only thing is, I wanted to actually put my wedding dress on again that day and, it didn’t happen. Next time. haha)


IMG_0099Namaste with Love,

Until next time,

Celestial K. 

Listen to the Wind


Listen to the wind… like the Pocahontas song! 😉 

This morning, I stepped outside on my patio in my backyard as frigid air greeted me, and spoke very quickly to the trees, reprimanding the weather. I asked nature what the heck it was doing and whether or not it knew that it was May! (And of course, the fact that I live in the South, Georgia, where it’s normally quite warm and humid.) Before I turned around to go back inside my warmer house, my tiny forest of green trees around me rustled in the wind in response to me. It sounded like they were laughing at me. 😛

Yes, my post today is a combination of letting you know to pay attention to messages nature gives you, and also to talk to the nature around you.

It HAS been quite windy here where I am, and as I drove home on the highway tonight from work, a twig suddenly blew on my windshield. I thought, “Huh, that’s weird.” And “That’s annoying. Why won’t it go away?” because it was in my field of vision and wasn’t supposed to be there. I kept looking at it from time to time, and then after awhile, it suddenly blew away in the wind.


So I thought that the Earth just wanted to greet me for a little bit, attached to my car for a time, like a nature-wave.

I thought back to this morning and how I talked to nature and how the trees responded, as they usually do. I was really thinking because I wanted to blog, but didn’t know what to share exactly. But I realized that maybe there were people that didn’t normally talk to trees, and maybe they should give it a try. 😉 I’m finding some light humor in my words today, but at the same time, I feel truth in them.

I’ve shared before how attached to nature I am, and I’ve suggested going outside and letting it calm you meditatively. But what about talking to it? Because… the earth is alive.

I’m feeling a very Pocahontas vibe now.

“But I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name.”

~ Colors of the Wind 

In my life and the way I grew up, there’s nothing strange about talking to ghosts, fairies, rivers, the ocean, rocks, or trees.

We’ll get to the ghosts and fairies later on, but let’s just take nature now.


This is a picture I took when I was in the Georgia mountains in Elijay about two years ago with my friends and at the time, almost-fiance (he proposed to me on that trip!!) 😉 

It’s really funny, because I KNOW IT LISTENS. I grew up knowing it, because I would do what I just described at the beginning of this entry, and I would talk to the trees and have them respond. Sometimes, as a child I would play outside, minding my own business, talking to myself, singing, whatever. But whenever I turned my attention to the trees, and started talking or asking them questions if they agreed with me or not, I would hear the leaves blowing through the wind and rustle the trees in a loud response. They had been much quieter before I asked that question, or there had been no wind at all! This is something that I have noticed not just once or twice. It happened too often to be a coincidence. (Does anyone else experience this??! Tell me in the comments!)

Sometimes I start singing to the trees, and at a part they connect with or as they feel my joy, the trees will start dancing with that wind, rustling as if clapping and enjoying the song.

Gosh it feels SO odd to type this and admit this to the public. But I experience the connection with the trees really listening to me! I’m around trees a lot where I live, so that’s my main example.

What about water? I’ve traveled to the ocean quite a bit, as well, and the waves always respond to me, too with my bubbly conversation to them. (I’m always happy when I’m at the ocean.) But because waves always come in and out, you always hear the constant shush of the ocean. So how do you know it’s responding to you? This is where you have to be more in-tuned with how the water FEELS to understand what that element is saying to you. You have to heighten your feeling, think outside your body, and tap into the energy of the ocean. What is it saying to you? Does it have a message? Does it feel hurt? Does it feel like it’s happy to see you? Does it feel grateful for your touch and kind words?

I encourage you to deepen your connection with nature by talking to it. Listening to what it’s saying back is easier said than done, but with practice you’ll become pro at it.

Ask me any questions you want, and tell me your experiences!!!

Namaste with Love,

Celestial K.