Upside Down – a poem


Upside Down poem

Saw things in a different perspective upside down…

Saw fireworks today! Happy independence day. Always reminds me of my grandfather.


Namaste with Love,

Celestial K.

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So the majority of my ghost experiences were when I was very young.

My parents didn’t tell me not to see them, or that what I was seeing was fake. In fact, my Godmother is psychic, so the higher begins that come through as my Godmother would channel told my parents  a bit about the history of some of the spirits that I was seeing.

Can you tell why I grew up to be a spiritual person?

I would mostly see children spirits, and want to play with them. I have two main vivid recollections of the spirits visiting me, the spirits that were once human. I want to clarify because I’ve had other experiences with sighting and feeling angels and fairies, and those are entirely different stories.

My first ghost story was when I was about 3 or 4, and seeing three sisters of different ages. I called them “the three Sarah’s,” even though that wasn’t their true names. I told my parents about the three children I was playing house with, and explained that their faces were scary. They looked scarred and charred. But they were nice, so I played with them. My parents found out through my Godmother that these were sisters that perished in a house fire, and their mother had died too, and gone to the light. So, the daughters were stuck in our realm, and hadn’t made the transition yet.

“Gone to the light,” is just another way of saying the soul moved onto the freer, spiritual realms where they can consult with their angels and the Creator about how their life went, and then the soul has a time to rest and replenish, and later decide if they want to return to earth again. All this information we learned from my Godmother, who became psychic after her near-death experience, where she did in fact die, and then return with the ability to channel positive beings coming through her.

As far as the three Sarah’s were concerned, my mom was determined to help the spirits “move on” into the light. But they were my friends, so I was reluctant. I wanted to keep playing with them. (Geez I think I needed more friends. I don’t think my brothers liked playing house.) My mom said they would feel better after they were in the light, and maybe reincarnate again. (Yes we believe in all this.)




So my mom and I lit and candle (It’s supposed to help guide the spirit) and told the three Sarah’s that their mom was waiting for them in the light, and that they needed to go to her, and that they would be happier there. It worked.

Sometime after their spirits moved on, I briefly saw a boy spirit in our house. He looked about 11 years old. All I remember about him is the way he was sitting in our kitchen chairs, with his legs up, and saying that he liked my mom’s rice. It was just a brief visit, as I don’t remember anything more about him, but there you go. I guess he liked rice.

I hear a lot of times we see things as children, but sometimes the parents don’t encourage it, or don’t believe in it, so the children stopped seeing. I wanted to develop my eyes to see other spirits. For instance, now I don’t really see ghosts anymore but I love to spot fairies, or angels in the doorways. You can also train your eyes to see auras. I can write more about these later.

But you CAN train your eyes to see the spirit world, understanding that it is another dimension. The first step is believing, though. As a child, you believe almost anything. I don’t remember seeing fairies until I was 13, when I learned that they, in fact, were real. Of course they are not physical begins. But they can be seen by anyone, with practice.

Anyway, do YOU have any experiences with seeing spirits, perhaps when you were a young child? I would LOVE to hear anyone else’s experiences. I know they are out there! I’ve heard quite a few stories myself! My mom lived in 2 haunted houses in her life, after all.

spiritsin the sky

I hope you enjoyed this post — it’s an interesting one at least! Share your stories with me!


~Celestial K.