I live for…



Sometimes I have to think… what keeps me going? Why am I working so hard? All for what? It can’t be money. More like, memories to make with spending the money. It can’t be just for survival. It has to be about relationships with the beautiful people who have touched my life.

I live for those moments that I can spend with my husband. He is my love, he is my life, and after life. Our jobs do a good job at separating us sometimes, but we got to spend some time together these past few days, and the memories are something to keep in my heart! ❤

I live for the chance to breathe in nature. Not when it’s freezing outside, like today. But I’m living for the expectation that spring is around the corner. Living in the southern state of GA in the US, I am absolutely grateful that spring and summers and fall are usually quite warm seasons! (And in this years’ case, winter too…but today is freezing.)

I live for the chance to continue to travel the world! I love to travel – I’ve been to many places in the US, including California, and New York City, Hawaii, Alaska, and Florida… but there’s still more to see! I’ve been to several places outside of the US, too, like Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Honduras, England (my favorite!), Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and more. Many of these places I’ve only experienced briefly on a cruise. So I’d love to spend more time in Europe in my life! I have a love for England and Ireland, and I took French, so I really want to visit France. My family has Russian and German roots, so I went to spend more time in these places, too. Also, I love to travel to the beach! I live hours away from one, now, unfortunately. But maybe one day I’ll move closer to one again–or even the mountains! Who knows where the future will take us for vacations or  beyond?!

I live for the time I’ll find my kitty soul mate again. I had my Darlen, my Siamese, my precious cat who was with me most of my life and the companion exactly matching my soul, and one whom I could trust dearly. She passed on before Brian & I moved to our beautiful home and got married. I always told her when she passes on, her soul needs to find me again in reincarnation. After her passing, I realized that maybe she’s happier being body-less? She had a lot of problems and surgeries in her time with me. She lived to be 14. So maybe it’s a selfish thing to want her back. So maybe another animal soul mate will come to me? I truly miss the companionship. We have Brian’s cat Eesha who likes me enough, but the connection isn’t nearly as strong. She scratched me deeply once, and I still have a scar. (I didn’t talk to her for like a month.)  Brian and I hope in the future to get two cats who love each other, (kind of mirroring his parent’s twin gold-point Siamese cats Rowan and Merlin), and we each get to name one cat. We’ve already picked out the names of our cats 😀 We’re waiting for more financial freedom available before we get these dream-kitties though.

I live for friends and family, present and future. I say this because I’ve always believed friends (and love) is the meaning of life. Those deep friendships. Many of my friends who I’ve been connected to for many years live two hours away. One won’t even visit my house because she has bad asthma and can’t stand a cat. My friends are fantastic, but are not with me often. That makes me sad. But I do live for them, and also for the possibility of new friends in the future. I also live for my family in the respect of Brian is my love and we will one day most likely have children. We want children, just still not ready for them yet. Enjoying just being a couple. I’m not getting into the rest of the family to mention how grateful or not I am of them. Each person has a different story. In my mind, my story with Brain is the most important. ❤ (Ain’t I a ROMANTIC?! Lol I am, and luckily so is he.)

I live so that I can keep writing and get my novel published! Been working on this novel since I was 13 years old. It’s bound to be completely finished and published in some magical way soon… 😉 Hey, at least I got a poetry book out! Celestialk.weebly.com 😀 Self-published. Yeah, I don’t want to go the self-publishing route again, but we’ll see what the future holds.

I realize when I step back, I have a lot to live for, many memories to reminisce on when I feel like it, and so much to look forward to.

What are some things you are living for? What keeps you going? 


~Celestial K.

Dance ~ a poem

The Creator made all
this universe inhale life
and sat back to watch it play.
Now who pulls at the painful
strings to tug the Earth
to this unwanted dance?
~Celestial K.
earth dancingThis little poem says a lot.
I think of how this planet is so beautiful and has potential for such joy. But the way our lives are run have great flaws, and so everything can’t be the best it can be.
I am not deep into politics, and I don’t have ideas of how to fix government. I would, however, vouch for finding out who all, with war-ful hearts, are causing the injustice, un-peace,  dissatisfaction, and unfairness in our world, and then replace them with people who care about:
1) The planet Earth and keeping her healthy and happy and
2) The people and animals who inhabit the planet, and making sure we are also healthy and happy.
Different countries (and states) also run in different manners. But one that perhaps can relate is money. Through my involvement in New Age, I’ve listened to speakers and writers w ho have done the research and are convinced there is enough money in this whole world for everyone to have some and no one to go hungry. BUT the people with the power want the money, and don’t want to give it away. Do your own research and think what you will, but this is what I believe.
Despite all of that, I still think that most people are over-worked and underpaid. I say this through my personal experience and what I observe. We spend most of our lives working, and we absolutely must work to pay bills (unless you inherit money or are married to someone with money or something of that nature). And we work so much, often we forget that the most PRECIOUS thing we have on this planet is TIME with people we love! 
In my life, although  I completely love my careers now and the work that I do, I’m finding I’m not spending time at home and with my husband like I want. Especially my nights and weekends are taken away, because I work managing events, and many events are on nights and weekends! I do not want to complain, I just want more time with my husband and more time at home, and that’s something personal that I’m going to have to work through by projecting what I want for the future. That’s another good thing about creating your own reality… you find what you want and what you don’t want through experience, and then you have to take steps to change it. In my case, I’m not sure how I am going to create time for myself and my husband, but cosmically, what is supposed to happen will happen once I start creating the thoughts.
This is getting me into the topic of creating my own reality, which I should save for another day. If you have an interest in that topic, you can ask me about it, and/or I would strongly recommend the book: Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks. 
That all being said, there are MANY positive changes that Mother Earth needs to go through, and our lives needs to go through! But it has to start with us. Praying (like projecting your desires) is a power that we all have. If you want positive change in this world to take place with our leaders, our planet’s health, saving our animals, making a more fair work system or health insurance system or anything else you can think of… please pray with me on it. Project positive into the future.
❤ Celestial K. 



Rush, run, busy, wild world out there! I’m feeling some stress of it, as I’m sure most people relate. Sometimes I feel just everything. Sometimes I just block it out as much as I can.

I’ve become consciously aware of my stress, and often talk myself through it sometimes. I try to slow myself down at work,or at least slow my thoughts down.

Thoughts:  my thoughts are zigging and zagging in all different directions throughout my day more often than not. Perhaps it’s partly because I’m a woman. And perhaps it’s partly because I’m a Gemini (June 9th is my birthday!). I say this because SOME astrological signs are said to have a less-crazy or scattered mind structure. Also, I mention my being a woman, which doesn’t necessarily mean that men don’t have quick, jumpy thoughts, but from what I have noticed from knowing men and reading Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, is that men at least have a tendency to take ideas, situations, and thoughts one at a time. My brain doesn’t do that.

I’ve been mediating since I was young. But I’ve discovered what kind of meditation works best for me, and I desire it more.

If I lay down and close my eyes and calm my mind… I will fall ASLEEP!!! Hehe. While some people are great at that kind of meditation… good for you!

If I sit in a comfy chair and close my eyes and calm my mind… my thoughts usually drift to other topics. I have to keep bringing it my mind back and it’s just harder for me to focus.

I do practice yoga, however… I find that more of a stretching/muscle strengthening benefit now in my life. I’ve been doing yoga for years, and still don’t consider myself to be strong or a pro. I wish more than anything I were as good as those Instagram-Divas and was able to get certified to teach it, and it’s actually a goal of mine for future! But… I don’t find it meditative YET in my practice. One day, I hope it can become that.

Now in my life, I do best by meditating while WALKING, actually, and achieve my optimal performance in the lush nature that the Creator designed.

It was 66 degrees F out this evening in GA to allow a very nice walk. I even wore shorts! And a hoodie! Fun combination I can’t often mesh. (I wish I could wear the like to work.)

Throughout the winter in GA, we’ve had some pretty, delectably warm days that I have thoroughly enjoyed! Lucky us! I prefer it hot, whether it makes me odd or not. And some have an affinity for the cold better, and that’s fine. But it’s hard for me to get my meditative walks in with chilly weather (or wet weather). I bundle up and still walk outside if I feel like it; other times I walk in the house.

The walk I do is a combination of meditating and exercising, because I know I need both, and there’s never enough time in the day or night for a long stretch of it. I try to do an hour. The physicality of walking and keeping my heart rate up keeps the pace with my mind. It makes it easier for me to focus on one thing at a time with my mind, such as calming myself, doing my positive self-affirmations, sending myself, others, or situations healing energy, etc. I can do all of it while I walk!

Another method of meditating for me is in a hot bath where I have my crystals and candle nearby. My mind still wanders during meditation, but I try my hardest to bring it back and accomplish my meditation goals, whether it’s to relax, to concentrate on healing my body or situations, and/or projecting what I want into the future. I can do it all as I concentrate on it.

Both of these meditative settings help me de-stress, enjoy nature, and concentrate my mind on my goals. I’m sure as spring and summer approaches and the sun starts soaking in my skin cells, I’ll be gushing in my blog about how nature helps and heals me, how it’s a part of my heart, and how connected I feel to it! But I don’t want you to get bored reading, so I’ll save that for later posts.

Do you have special forms of meditation that you like? Is it easy for you to concentrate your mind? Any tips or insight you’d like to share?




~Celestial K.


Mermaid Mine


Darkened Waves tumble and roll
Twisting in all sorts of chaos
Even in moments you thought was calm,
Just like those rare, cursed moments
When emotions pretend to rule me.
I must return to my throne
To tame that wild sea
The Queen of all Waters,
Murky or Clear, I shine for the
Safety and I stand for the Beauty.
Tear me down, I’ll glow there too,
As if I’m a part of some kind of

Celestial K.
My book: Soul Thoughts


(*** This beautiful Mermaid is new and hanging in our hallway – from when my mom went to the beach***)



Penning Your Dreams


A few things I’ve noticed about my dreams: 

  1. The longer I sleep, the more I remember dreaming (and usually it’s clearer)
  2. I’ll remember my dreams more if I write them down, any details that I remember and/or talk about them. The act of writing down the dream actually helps me to see & remember dreams for the following night, so that’s also a plus!

Many times there are days that I don’t have time to write down my full dream. One method I could use is to record scraps of my dream either on paper or in the Notes in my phone, and then later record it in fuller detail. Yes, I keep a journal where I can write my thoughts, poems, as well as dreams. (Perhaps I should have three separate journals, but I just have one.)

The glimpses I’ve written down lead me to remember more details than if I’m trying to record a dream hours later and haven’t even thought about it since I woke up. My dream will fade away. But the act of writing or speaking about the dream right after definitely helps.

Why would you want to remember your dreams?!

Dreams are another world to me, many different worlds. I like to remember the nice dreams, the strange dreams. I don’t like the bad dreams, but I write those down, too, so that I keep up with the train of dreams I’m writing, because it will help me to remember my dreams for the next night. (I hope this makes sense. Has anyone else experienced this, where you remember future dreams clearer because you’ve recorded past ones?)

I also want to remember dreams because if I look at them closely, I will see patterns, clues, hints to my life and foreseeing some of future, or perhaps what I need to work on or forgive. Sometimes dreams are just fun, but others they have meaning to. Also, I like remembering dreams, because I feel like I’ve escaped from the chaotic world this physical reality has become.

I’ve been running around these past few weeks, sleeping too little to remember my dreams much, and if I did, I was too busy to record them. This morning was the first time in awhile I recorded my dreams, so I thought I would share my method and the reason behind my method, to see if anyone else could benefit from doing it, too.

I’m sure I will write more about dreams later!

Have you recorded your dreams?


~Celestial K.

Celestialk.weebly.com (My poetry book: Soul Thoughts: Poetry for Our Growing Spirits).

Feel the Love


Valentine’s Day is a good time to talk about love. (I know I’m a day late, but my husband and I are actually celebrating tonight because we’re both off–at the same time! Wow! lol) I don’t mean necessarily for one person, that certain someone in your life.  That’s a great place to start with the feeling of love, but whether or not you have a special sweetheart right now in your path isn’t the point.

Love can be hard to feel on a daily basis, especially if we go through unwanted motions in life. If you don’t enjoy your work, this can be an even harder experience. But it is VERY important to work to feel love in your heart and radiating outwards.

Try this simple meditation:

-Close your eyes.

-Concentrating on breathing deep breaths, slowing your breath and mind down.

-Imagine a light, soft pink light the color of rose quarts around your heart. Place it in your body and let it expand, breathing it into all of you and let it flow. If it helps for you to first think of a person or animal you love, do that. Use that love you feel and push it into a deeper feeling of expansive love.

-Feel it, the lightness, the warmth, the soft pressure around your heart chakra, the pressure of the positive, universal energy. Know that we are ALL this energy. Try to see this energy in others, expand it to them. Expand it to the world, earth, Mother Earth. Send the energy to friends, family, enemies, leaders in need. 

(This mediation can also be stronger done in nature. You can even walk as you do this exercise.)

Perhaps you don’t think your enemies deserve you sending them love. But hate will grow hate, and it will fester inside you. Sending love is the only way to counter their attack. Remember that. Let it radiate you, surround you in a bubble of protecting love. No one can harm you emotionally here. I think we all could use this  right now in our lives.

If you feel angry, worried, any negative feeling, try to bring that rose quarts light back into yourself. Spirits are nourished once this light is used, and you need that, as well as everyone else.

Try to think of everyone as being ONE, with this energy and with spirit. People do what they do or say what they say, but it is all just an act, a show for us to put on to grow and expand. It is not “real.” It should be taken with a grain of salt, and then grow with it. I know some actions are deeper than others, and then a deeper forgiveness process may be required. This can be discussed at another time.

But for now, practice feeling that light inside, truly FEEL that warm feeling of love, and expand.


❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Day of Love!


~Celestial K.

Constant Flame


This constant flame I carry inside
Burns my way through the aphotic night
And protects me like a wolf of fortress
In this madness of life.

~Celestial K.

There’s always that power you carry inside you, that will be with you through it all. It may seem like the world falls apart sometimes, and it may not get better right away (for America… etc., whatever you’re worried about…). Try not to worry, though.

Your inner flame will get you through anything. I always harbor mine inside and turn inward. If I feel like I can’t get something done, I inwardly slow my breathing and my panting mind down, knowing everything will actually be okay in the end. I am safe. I am protected. I will get through.

Namaste. 🙂