Teaching Levels – for me & YOU!

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LISA RENEE: “Aurora Platform” — Circle of the Dolphins

I love the info on meditation in here! 🙂   “When on Meditation journeys the Aurora Platform allows us to take a portion of our Consciousness and a portion of our body into projection, or Glide. The first consciousness projection glides are to the closest safe zone spaces, the Aurora Platforms in our earth atmosphere….

What is a “good” student?

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Beautiful Message of Love!

SHEKINAH EL DAOUD Adama: Let me now speak of Love for a moment, as the only true and permanent force in all creation, and then I will invite Paul the Venetian to address you. Love is not a word. It is an essence, a power and a vibration. It is Life! Love is the most […]…

Teachers effect Eternity —

“Teachers effect Eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.” ~ Henry Brooks Adams Isn’t this such a powerful quote? Teaching from my own home office has been one of the best opportunities to pop up in my life. I had to grab it as soon as I found this. I had been thinking […]…

LISA RENEE: “Blue Ray Sword Healing” — Dreaming With Dolphins

Originally posted on Circle of the Dolphins: “It is important to understand we must see what is hidden in order to heal it. This revelation is a huge step into our comprehension of how we have arrived at this global state of human disarray and planetary sickness. To empower ourselves we must see where the… via…