Upside Down – a poem


Upside Down poem

Saw things in a different perspective upside down…

Saw fireworks today! Happy independence day. Always reminds me of my grandfather.


Namaste with Love,

Celestial K.

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Heartbeat Central- Poem




We have to stay alive

Heartbeat central

We merge still


Of the universe.

~Celestial K.


universe1I have much to write about, still. A lot on my mind to share. But my work has been busy,  which is not an excuse. But I always try to wait until the appropriate time to write a blog. Usually it’s when I give myself enough time. Which, I don’t really have time (still).

So here’s a short poem I wrote today.

Interpret as you will.

(Also, my poetry book Soul Thoughts is still on sale, so send me an e-mail to ask about it.

Namaste with Love,

Celestial K.

Lush Ocean – Poem



Sensuous Ocean

That is Heaven,

I can feel you only

From the ghost inside me that

Knows you exist, somewhere

Obscure and inaccessible.

My imagination

Makes you here

But the longing

Is still too real.


~Celestial K.


Lush Ocean

This gorgeous pic I did find on the internet, just for you ❤ 

If you have been following my blog, you may have gotten an inkling that I feel like I’m too far away from the water. I crave the ocean. My husband and I are planning a trip to visit it.

But seriously, to go to the lake, it’s an hour drive. To go to the beach, it’s 5 hour drive. That’s ridiculous to me.

But visiting the beach, and dreaming of the beach, is starting to not be enough for me. I have an urge to make a drastic change and move there!! I want it.

The problem is, two have to agree to big decisions in a marriage, and my husband is not ready to do that yet. This is one of the first times we don’t really see eye-to-eye. I say, why wait to make our dreams come true?! Because I know he wants to live near the beach, too. He’s said it before that it’s a dream location. But he’s thinking “maybe” in 5-10 years, which seems too long for me.

So I must hang on to prayers and hope that one day soon, he will feel the call of the ocean like I do.


My husband and I last year on our Honeymoon cruise, here at Costa Maya – AND this was my birthday – which is coming up soon for this year! We could live happily at a beach, I think 😀

Wish us luck! 😉 Your prayers are welcome, too. I’ll do the same for you, just let me know what to pray for!


Also the Honeymoon/Birthday Costa Maya cruise from last year.

Breathe the Magic


I breathe in the Magic —

Reach —

It floats in the Air,

Travels in my veins,

enjoys my cells,

transforming me

back to my soul,

no longer shell


~Celestial K.

My website


Was inspired when I was listening to this fairy music on Youtube:

I like to have soothing background music on  as I’m editing my transcripts, in-between the moments when I’m typing 🙂 Plus to the days & nights I get to work at home!

Enough for Me- a poem


Enough for Me

The essence of Nature

Could be enough

For me

Sustain my sanity

If only I was allowed

To rest here



  • Celestial K.

Picture 549.jpg

This picture was taken by ME in ENGLAND in like 2011 I believe, when I was lucky enough to spend a whole week in England, getting to see both the city side and naturistic side! Loved everything and every minute and didn’t want to leave this wonderful country! The land keeps calling for me. One day, I’ll come back. 🙂

My innards, my soul, just churns and craves to frolic and rest and be one with nature. I tell you, my fairy side is coming out and beckoning strongly. It’s hard to be human and know I have to be cooped up inside working when I know I should be like a fairy and live among nature and trees and flowing water and wild animals.

But people don’t understand, and/or there’s nothing we can do about it (but save up for vacation). So those of us that have this yearning… just got to switch it off. Which is unnatural.

When I’m stressed, I want to go out in nature. With my job, I’m often coming home late at night from an event, so I can’t go outside after work usually. (I vote for more outdoor events!)

But I think, in some other life after this, I’m sure I’ll be allowed to just relax on some other planet or space and soak up the wonders of nature instead of worrying about human-things. Ah, how wonderful that will be!

Sunshine, then Tornado


I LOVE to sit in the sun outside on my patio, soaking in the rays, either the early afternoons before work, or on my days off. I was lucky enough to catch some rays the past few days before going to work, but today is my day off and… I wake up to a tornado warning. Rain pounding outside. Nooooo!

I also awoke looking at Instagram (of course) at some lady doing yoga on the beach and I looked at the waves… and ached for them. I live in a city that’s far away from the ocean and it’s getting to me. I woke up wishing for water… and then I saw the tornado warning pop up on my phone.

Lol, no nature, not that kind of water.

So I wrote a poem.

flowers on tree

Flowers on a tree in my front yard! Picture taken as the sun was falling sometime last week. 🙂 

The sunshine waves,

Tornado proceeds.

Cream flower petals

On stage as the stars.

Know your character

Through unkind raindrops.

The theatre of life,

As always, awaits.

~Celestial K. (My site)